26 septembre 2011

Nighvision and else infrared innovations

Infrared night vision hermetic camera is the camera, Covers, infrared LED lamps and other constituents integrated as one of the CCTV surveillance video equipment. It implements the basic concept is to use nighvision devices, ordinary light lotus CCD cameras to infrared light source spectral characteristics (ie can feel the visible light, infrared light can feel) to attach the LED infrared light as a "light source" in the night or micro- light environment imaging. Infrared light power and angle of light lotus CCD camera configuration, the choice of day and night switching filter, and whether a good supply heat treatment is to judge capabilities infrared camera integration, an important parameter.

Traditional use of visible lighting bolt, but its existence can not be hidden, not difficult to monitor targets exposing weaknesses, so useage decreased in current years, and infrared night vision waterproof camera cause concealed, highly value-reliable, functional, elegant appearance , tough materials such factors as the basic force of our security product sales, the self-invented by our corporation's models appear Europe.

Addition to the lens and LED items that in conjunction form a appear of the market there is separation of the camera and infrared projector array of combinations, so design can maximize the advantages of the split on both sides in the one camera Infrared lamp group performance, and thermal infrared LED can also try to optimize. These products commonly and the head, linkage bracket, the value system as well is taking the high-end line of good quality and side and another products with various capabilities prerequisites are also different, so it should require companies of infrared lights and cameras have good enough mastery of the capabilities to the angle of infrared light, the camera lens parameters for a reasonable match.

As infrared night vision weatherproof camera with the price advantages and the technical characteristics of elementary structure resulted in the influx of numerous camera manufacturers, and the status of model homogeneity. To modify the security market supply and demand "adequate" situation, a number of vendors from the software interface, DSP program to start, detailed buttons to improve the human operator, to enhance image reliability from the DSP program, change color and high-resolution level of noise and additional approaches. And more manufacturers start with from the outside of the hardware technology, such as aluminum cartridge thickness, accuracy mold process, the surface brightness of paint done so as to alter the infrared night vision camera gives the motionless light weatherproof silver casing, the market even Scrub appeared black, polished purple outside colors of two.

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